Sync Moves

Sync Move Details

Sync Moves are a powerful move that each trainer can unleash with their Pokémon. Each character has got a specific Sync Move with specific Pokémon that can do a significant amount of damage.

This page is to detail all the possible Sync Moves for each character and Pokémon.

Sync Moves Image

List of Sync Moves

Picture Name Type Pokémon Trainer Damage Effect
Pokémon Masters Give-It-All-Ya-Got Power-Up Punch Lucario Korrina ?? ?? ??
Pokémon Masters Never-Ending Royal Nightmare Palossand Acerola ?? ?? ??
Pokémon Masters Rock-Solid Rock Slide Onix Brock ?? ?? ??
Pokémon Masters Thunder of Newfound Passion Pikachu Main Character ?? ?? ??
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