Champion Stadium

The Champion Stadium is a new feature introduced on the first anniversary of Pokémon Masters EX. These battles have you face off against the Elite Four members of a specific Region before challenging the Champion.

This only unlocks after you have obtained all the badges in the story. After you have done a round, you'll be able to rematch but you won't be able to get new rewards

Champion Stadium

Champion Stadium - Hard Mode

After completing the Challenge on Normal, you'll then be able to challenge it again on Hard. This has recommended Level 125 Sync Pairs for you to use and comes with a few differences

Each round you go through the Champion Stadium, there's a special parameter. This gives a different effect but isn't dependant on the trainer you face so you can pick and choose which Elite Four member to do in which order to better plan around the Special Paramaters. The Champion has their own set of Parameters. These range from increase of damage from special effects to lowering certain stats. These change each week.

In Hard, if you have lost a Pokémon during a successful battle, you're unable to use it in any subsequent battles until the reset at the start of the following week.

Champion Stadium Hard Mode

List of Champion Stadium Challenges

Picture Name Date Opened
Kanto Challenge Kanto Challenge August 28th 2020
Johto Challenge Johto Challenge December 28th 2020
Unova Challenge Unova Challenge April 5th 2021
Alola Challenge Alola Challenge October 11th 2021
Sinnoh Challenge Sinnoh Challenge May 2nd 2022
Hoenn Challenge Hoenn Challenge August 1st 2022
Kalos Challenge Kalos Challenge February 6th 2022

List of Pasio Special Stadium Events

Picture Name Date Opened
Pasio Special Stadium Champion Red 2024Pasio Special Stadium Champion Red 2024April 9th 2024 06:00 UTC - April 23rd 2024 06:00 UTC
Pasio Special Stadium Champion Serena 2024Pasio Special Stadium Champion Serena 2024March 5th 2024 06:00 UTC - March 19th 2024 06:00 UTC
Pasio Special Stadium Champion LeafPasio Special Stadium Champion LeafDecember 21st 2023 06:00 UTC - January 4th 2024 06:00 UTC
Pasio Special Stadium Champion HopPasio Special Stadium Champion HopSeptember 20th 2023 06:00 UTC - October 4th 2023 06:00 UTC
Pasio Special Stadium Champion RedPasio Special Stadium Champion RedAugust 30th 2023 06:00 UTC - September 13th 2023 06:00 UTC
Pasio Special Stadium Champion MarniePasio Special Stadium Champion MarnieJune 27th 2023 06:00 UTC - July 11th 2023 06:00 UTC
Pasio Special Stadium Champion SerenaPasio Special Stadium Champion SerenaApril 11th 2023 06:00 UTC - April 25th 2023 06:00 UTC