Electricity Disruptors

Duration: April 1st 2024 06:00 UTC - April 2nd 2024 06:00 UTC

This one-day only Special Event is the annual April Fool's Day event and focuses on the story of a blackout at the Pokémon Center in Pasio and sudden appearance of Ghost-type Pokémon there. The Pokémon Center menu in the game plays the Lavender Town theme and remains dark for the duration of the event

Electricity Disruptors Image

Event Stages

Be Careful of the Darkness

Style: Story
First Time Reward: 10 Gems

Be Careful of the Darkness Image

Challenge Acerola

Style: Boss
Stamina Required: 10
Skip Tickets Usable?: Yes
First Time
Gems * 30
Completion Rewards
General Rewards
Challenge Acerola Image


Haunter Mimikyu Gastly

The Blackout Continues...

Style: 1
First Time Reward: 30 Gems

The Blackout Continues... Image