Leon's Unbeatable Blaze

Duration: May 9th 2024

The Leon's Unbeatable Blaze battle is the fifth Ultimate Battle challenge that has you face off against Leon's powerful team with an Electric-type weakness. It requires you to have completed Champion Stadium on Hard to unlock

Leon's Unbeatable Blaze Image

Event Stages

Challenge a Super Serious Leon

Style: Battle
Stamina Required: 0
Skip Tickets Usable?: No

Themes: Use Electric Terrain! Attack while inflicting status conditions!
Rule 1: The first time Charizard’s HP reaches 60% or lower, it endures with that HP.
Rule 2: When the opponent is not affected by a field effect, its Defense and Sp. Def are tripled.
Rule 3: When the opponent is not affected by a status condition, its attacks are powered up.

First Time
Gems * 300
Completion Rewards
General Rewards
Challenge a Super Serious Leon Image


Butterfree Charizard Lapras