Weather Alert

Duration: May 4th - May 28th 2021 06:00 UTC

This event is a Phase 1 of a special event that will allow you to fgace against Maxie and Archie. This event allows for you to accumulate Weather Survey Tickets ahead of the main event.

Weather Alert Image

Event Missions

Task Requirement Reward

Event Stages

Challenge Team Break: Part 1

Style: Battle
Stamina Required: 0
Skip Tickets Usable?: No
First Time
Gems * 30
Completion Rewards
Weather Survey Ticket
Weather Survey Ticket * 12
General Rewards
4 Star Level-Up Manual
4 Star Level-Up Manual * 0-5
3 Star Level-Up Manual
3 Star Level-Up Manual * 0-10
Challenge Team Break: Part 1 Image