Winter Weekend Event
Release Dates:

December 28th 2019 11:00-19:00 local time

This event is a special eight hour event with several special bonuses and runs in conjunction with the Holiday 2019 Event

Event Effects

Effect Type
Glacial Lure Module Time 2 Hours
Free Raid Passes 2 Additional

Special Move When Evolved/Caught

No. Pic Name Type Move
Glaceon Last Resort

Event Specific Raid Battles

No. Pic Name Type Rank Max. CP At Capture
Regice ☆☆☆☆☆
Normal: 1784
Boosted: 2230

Event Exclusive Field Research

Task Reward
Holiday Event: Evolve 10 Ice-type Pokemon
GlacialGlacial Lure Module * 1

Event Item Boxes

Event Box
480 Coins
Premium Raid Pass2
Super Incubator2
Glacial Lure Module4