Picture Name Role Base Potential
Roxanne Artwork Roxanne Support ☆☆☆

Obtaining Methods

Summon Location
Sync Pair ScoutingElesa Spotlight Scout (October 17th 2019-October 31st 2019) - 3.65%
Featured Type Scout (October 8th 2019 - October 24th 2019) - 3.17%
Hilda Spotlight Scout! (September 30th 2019 - October 17th 2019) - 3.65%
Hilbert Spotlight Scout! (September 23rd 2019 - October 8th 2019) - 3.65%
Lyra Spotlight Scout! (September 17th 2019 - September 30th 2019) - 3.65%
Olivia Spotlight Scout! (September 10th 2019 - September 24th 2019) - 3.65%
Blue Spotlight Scout! (September 3rd 2019 - September 30th 2019) - 3.65%
Scout New Pairs (July 25th 2019 - September 3rd 2019) - 3.65%

Roxanne's Pokémon

Roxanne & Nosepass

Picture Name Focal Move Type Weakness
Nosepass Image
English: Nosepass
Japan: Nosepass
French: Tarinor
German: Nasgnet
Korean: 코코파스
Rock-type Fighting-type
Passive Skills
Surging Sand 5: Powers up moves in a sandstorm.

Standard Max Level (Lv. 90) Stats
HPAttackDefenseSp. AtkSp. DefSpeed
299 96 160 101 160 85

NameTypeCategoryMax PowerAccuracyMove SlotsTarget
Ancient Power Rock-typeSpecial Category Move 47 100 2 Opponent
Has a very small chance of raising hte user's Attack, Defense, Speed, Sp. Atk, and Sp. Def
X Defense All  Other Category Move 2 All allies
Sharply raises the Defense of all allied sync pairs
Study Buddies!  Other Category Move 2 All allies
Sharply raises the Sp. Atk and Speed of all allied Sync Pairs.
Wide Guard Rock-typeOther Category Move 2 Self
The user takes up a defensive posture. Using this again will make the user leave this defensive posture. No other actions can be taken when in this defensive posture. Nullifies attacks that target all allies when attacked while in this defensive posture

Sync Moves
NameTypeCategoryMax PowerTarget
Rock Sync Beam Rock-typeSpecial Category Move 200 Opponent
No additional effect