Picture Name Role Base Rarity
Rachel Artwork Rachel Support ☆☆☆☆

Obtaining Methods

Summon Location
Main StoryOnly useable in Main Story

Rachel's Pokémon

Rachel & Umbreon

Picture Name Focal Move Type Weakness
Umbreon Image
English: Umbreon
Japan: Blacky
French: Noctali
German: Nachtara
Korean: 블래키
Dark-type Fighting-type
Passive Skills
Emergency Barrier: Once per battle, reduces physical damage done to the allied field of play when in a pinch.
Theme Skills
Dark Support - Raises the maximum HP of all allied sync pairs by 30.

Standard Max Level (Lv. 130) Stats
HPAttackDefenseSp. AtkSp. DefSpeed
620 274 232 274 255 296
5 Star Stats
660 294 252 294 275 316
5 Star Max Potential Stats
700 314 272 314 295 336

NameTypeCategoryMax PowerAccuracyMove SlotsTarget
Snarl Dark-typeSpecial Category Move 39-46 95 2 All opponents
Lowers the target's Sp. Atk
Potion  Other Category Move   2 Ally
Restores a bit of an ally's HP
Dire Hit All +  Other Category Move   2 All allies
Sharply raises the critical hit rate of all allied sync pairs

Sync Moves
NameTypeCategoryMax PowerTarget
Dark Sync Impact Dark-typePhysical Category Move 200-240
No additional effect