Picture Name Role Base Rarity
Thorton Artwork Thorton Tech ☆☆☆☆

Obtaining Methods

Summon Location
Sync Pair ScoutingHilbert Seasonal Scout (October 22nd - November 6th 2020) - 1.052%
Acerola Seasonal Scout (October 15th 2020 - October 29th 2020) - 1.052%
Wallace and Grimsley Spotlight Scout (October 15th 2020 - October 29th 2020) - 1.052%
Elesa and Clemont Spotlight Scout (October 2nd - October 15th 2020) - 1.052%
Volkner Spotlight Scout (September 29th 2020 - October 13th 2020) - 1.052%
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Thorton's Pokémon

Thorton & Bronzong

Picture Name Focal Move Type Weakness
Bronzong Image
English: Bronzong
Japan: Dohtakun
French: Archéodong
German: Bronzong
Korean: 동탁군
Steel-type Fire-type
Passive Skills
Aggravation 1: Raises the chance of inflicting the flinching, confused, or trapped condition with the additional effects of moves.
Type Skills
Steel Tech - Raises allies's Attack and Sp. Atk by 12 when using Steel-type attacks. Raises the maximum HP of all allied sync pairs by 12.

Standard Max Level (Lv. 125) Stats
HPAttackDefenseSp. AtkSp. DefSpeed
452 247 228 245 226 186
5 Star Stats
492 267 248 265 246 206
5 Star Max Potential Stats
532 287 268 285 266 226

NameTypeCategoryMax PowerAccuracyMove SlotsTarget
Gyro Ball Steel-typePhysical Category Move 44-52 100 2 Opponent
Its power is doubled if the target's Speed has risen
Zen Headbutt Psychic-typePhysical Category Move 51-61 90 2 Opponent
Has a small chance of making the target flinch
Analysis Complete!  Other Category Move   Self
Raises the user's Defense and Sp. Def. Makes the user resistant to the type of the last move it was hit by.
Telekinesis Psychic-typeOther Category Move   Opponent
Makes the target unable to evade moves

Sync Moves
NameTypeCategoryMax PowerTarget
Post-analysis Flash Cannon Steel-typeSpecial Category Move 200-240 Opponent
Its power increases if the target is flinching