Music Customisation

Sound Effect Volume

AContinuing from the Gen 8 games, you have the ability to separately control three different sound options within the Options menu of the game

The options are as follows:

  • Background Music
  • - Alter the volume of music in the background
  • Sound Effects
  • - Alter the volume of effects such as footsteps, wing flaps, move animations etc.
  • Pokémon Cries
  • - Alter the volume of effects such Pokémon's cries in battle and the overworld.

This will allow you to remove some sound effects as you desire.

Battle Music

When you go to battle a friend or if you go onto Battle Stadium, if you set the game up, you can also select Music that the battle with have. You start off with four pieces, but as you go through the game. This can all be controlled by the person setting up the rules in standard multiplayer but by everyone in the other options. You can also set it to be random

The music available is as follows:
Trainer Battle ♪
Southern Pokémon ♪
Wild Pokémon ♪
Western Pokémon ♪
Area Zero Pokémon ♪
Northern Pokémon ♪
Arven ♪
AI Professor ♪
Nemona ♪
Tera Raid Battle ♪
Gym Leader ♪
Star Barrage ♪
Director Clavell ♪
Elite Four ♪
Nemona 2 ♪
The Top Champion ♪
Eastern Pokémon ♪
Titan ♪
Team Star ♪
Cassiopeia ♪
Ruinous Legend ♪
Team Star Boss ♪
Area Zero Pokémon 2 ♪
Paradise Protection Protocol ♪
The Academy Ace Tournament ♪