Size Variation

Since Pokémon GO, Pokémon have been able to be different sizes, with Pokémon Let's Go, Pikachu & Eevee being the first main series titles to display this variation, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus the first to have Pokémon size variations be visible between the Pokémon.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet continue with this by showing the size variations on the overworld and in battle once again, although it doesn't list the Pokémon's size in the Summary screen. A Pokémon's size cannot be changed and is determined when it is caught or hatched. It cannot be controlled in any way besides from the use of Meal Powers

LevelTeensy Power RangeHumungo Power Range
Level 10-127128-255
Level 20-95160-255
Level 30-60192-255

Pokémon that are wild Tera Pokémon are automatically based between 200 and 255 in terms of size.

Legendary Pokémon, Mythical Pokémon and Raging Bolt, Walking Wake, Gouging Fire, Iron Leaves, Iron Crown & Iron Boulder will have no visible size difference but will get any bonus such as Marks for the size generated if they have been transferred through other games.

Size Variance

Checking Size

There is a way to check a Pokémon's size, however. In Mesagoza, by a PokéBall flowerbed in the west, you will find a person who can check your Pokémon's size for you. If your Pokémon are the biggest they can be or smallest they can be, they will be given a special mark

GroupSize ValueSaying
XXXL255Now THIS is a BIG Pokémon! Wow, you almost never see one this huge!
XXL231-254This is a serious big'un! Feels comforting to have such a bulky, reliable buddy around, doesn't it?
XL196-230This one seems a good sight bigger than average! It's quite a specimen—take good care of it!
L156-195This one seems a little bit bigger than average!
M100-155Look at that: a perfectly average-sized specimen! It's the gold standard for normality. Amazing!
S60-99This one seems a little bit smaller than average!
XS25-59This one seems a good sight smaller than average! It's quite a specimen—take good care of it!
XXS1-24This is truly a little one! A pint-sized powerhouse of a ____. What a charmer!
XXXS0Now THIS is a tiny Pokémon! Wow, you almost never see one this little!
Size Variance

Lock On

There is another way to check a Pokémon's size before you catch it, other than just comparing it. In The Indigo Disk, when you join the League Club you will be able to upgrade the Lock On feature in exchange for Blueberry Points. With the upgraded feature, when you lock on to a wild Pokémon, if it is of a certain size then it will show a display mark to tell you the range of size that it can be

PictureGroupSize Value
Lock On - Small IconSmall0 - 59
Lock On - Large IconLarge196-255

As it is only a range rather than guaranteed XXXS or XXXL Pokémon that'd be eligible for a mark, catching is still required to narrow the size down.

Size Variance