Pokédex Completion

Like all prior Pokémon Pokémon games, completing the Pokédex is one of your main goals. This is done simply by seeing and catching the Pokémon, and filling out the volumes in the Pokédex.

Doing this has a variety of special bonuses



Jacq is your homeroom teacher and can be found in the Biology Lab at the Academy. He developed the Pokédex and completing it will help him with his research. As such, he sets several goals for you to accomplish

If you return having achieved the goals, he will give you a special reward.

Pokémon CaughtPicItemQuantity
30 PokémonTM057TM0575
100 PokémonUltra BallUltra Ball20
200 PokémonQuickBallQuick Ball20
400 PokémonShiny CharmShiny Charm1
Jacq Completion Rewards

Pokédex Milestones

In the Pokédex itself, when you are scrolling through the various Pokémon, you will find an option for Milestones. These milestones will offer you a variet of item rewards as you progress through the Pokédex

Pokémon CaughtPicItemQuantity
10 PokémonStardustStardust3
20 PokémonGreat BallGreat Ball10
30 PokémonThunder StoneThunder Stone1
40 PokémonUltra BallUltra Ball10
50 PokémonExp. Candy SExp. Candy S5
60 PokémonFire StoneFire Stone1
70 PokémonNet BallNet Ball10
80 PokémonWater StoneWater Stone1
90 PokémonNest BallNest Ball10
100 PokémonStardustStardust5
110 PokémonExp. Candy MExp. Candy M3
120 PokémonQuick BallQuick Ball10
130 PokémonDusk StoneDusk Stone1
140 PokémonDusk BallDusk Ball10
150 PokémonShiny StoneShiny Stone1
160 PokémonExp. Candy MExp. Candy M3
170 PokémonDive BallDive Ball10
180 PokémonStardustStardust10
190 PokémonLuxury BallLuxury Ball10
200 PokémonExp. Candy MExp. Candy M5
210 PokémonMoon StoneMoon Stone1
220 PokémonTimer BallTimer Ball10
230 PokémonStar PieceStar Piece3
240 PokémonFast BallFast Ball1
250 PokémonStar PieceStar Piece3
260 PokémonFriend BallFriend Ball1
270 PokémonDawn StoneDawn Stone1
280 PokémonLevel BallLevel Ball1
290 PokémonExp. Candy LExp. Candy L3
300 PokémonLure BallLure Ball1
310 PokémonComet ShardComet Shard3
320 PokémonHeavy BallHeavy Ball1
330 PokémonExp. Candy LExp. Candy L3
340 PokémonMoon BallMoon Ball1
350 PokémonExp. Candy LExp. Candy L5
360 PokémonDream BallDream Ball1
370 PokémonNuggetNugget1
380 PokémonNuggetNugget2
390 PokémonBig NuggetBig Nugget3
400 PokémonBeast BallBeast Ball1
Pokédex Milestones

Kitakami Pokédex Milestones

the Kitakami Pokédex, much like the Paldea Pokédex, has a variety of rewards that you will get given when you have completed certain milestones

Pokémon CaughtPicItemQuantity
90 PokémonPP Up1
100 PokémonBottle Cap1
110 PokémonRazor Fang1
120 PokémonLove Ball1
130 PokémonStar Piece5
140 PokémonPrism Scale1
150 PokémonComet Shard3
160 PokémonFriend Ball1
170 PokémonReaper Cloth1
180 PokémonHeavy Ball1
190 PokémonPP Max1
200 PokémonMoon Ball1
200 Pokémon (Talk at Reveler's Road)Glimmering Charm1
Pokédex Milestones

Blueberry Pokédex Milestones

The Blueberry Pokédex, much like the Paldea Pokédex, has a variety of rewards that you will get given when you have completed certain milestones and a final reward when you have finished it. Walking Wake and Iron Leaves do not count towards the completion of the Pokédex despite being numbered in it.

Pokémon CaughtPicItemQuantity
90 PokémonAbility Capsule1
100 PokémonUpgrade1
110 PokémonDubious Disc1
120 PokémonSafari Ball1
130 PokémonElectirizer1
140 PokémonMagmarizer1
150 PokémonLove Ball1
160 PokémonProtector1
170 PokémonDragon Scale1
180 PokémonMoon Ball1
190 PokémonMetal Alloy1
200 PokémonDream Ball1
210 PokémonGold Bottle Cap1
220 PokémonBeast Ball1
230 PokémonAbility Patch1
240 PokémonMaster Ball1
240 Pokémon (Talk to Cyrano at Academy Entrance)Mark Charm1
Pokédex Milestones