Tera Raid Battle Events

Much like Pokémon Sword & Shield, within the Mystery Gift option is the Poké Portal News. Here, you can download special Tera Raid Battle events that provide Pokémon of a variety of Tera Types or bonuses. This page details all these events, and all Pokémon within

Unrivaled Charizard

Release Dates:

Global: December 2nd - 4th 2022
Global: December 16th - 18th 2022

The second Tera Raid Battle event offers a challenge in Black Tera Raid Crystals against a 7 Star Raid Boss. This Raid Boss is Charizard with the Dragon-type which comes with the Mightiest Mark for defeating it.

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Unrivaled Charizard Event

Eevee Spotlight

Release Dates:

Global: November 25th 2022 - November 27th 2022

The first Tera Raid Battle event is focused around the Pokémon Eevee, offering Eevee in a variety of Tera Types including Grass, Fire and Water

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Eevee Spotlight Event