Other Version Exclusives

Previous Pokémon games had several differences between the two versions. In all games there were different Pokémon in different locations and Ruby & Sapphire took it further by having a different storyline between the games and Black & White took it further to take areas and battles to be different. Pokémon Scarlet & Violet continues this by including more variations. This page will detail all the non-Pokémon Version Exclusives.


One change for Version Exclusives in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is the different professors that you meet in the game.
Pokémon Scarlet includes Professor Sada, who has attire more akin to that of the past
Pokémon Violet includes Professor Turo, who has attire more akin to that of the future



One difference between the two versions is the Academy within Mesagoza. This academy is where you go at the start of the game to enroll and meet your friends and rivals. Due to this, the attire of your character, your rivals and your teaches change depending on the game.

In Scarlet, you join the Naranja Academy
In Violet, you join the Uva Academy

Naranja Academy
Uva Academy

Rideable Pokémon

Although technically a version exclusive in the form of usable Pokémon, throughout the game you have the ability to ride on a Pokémon, specially Koraidon in Scarlet and Miraidon in Violet