The Profile is Pokémon Scarlet & Violet's version of the Trainer Card or League Card. This is accessed by the Map or Pokédex and pressing X to move down to select it. It also displays whenever you battle with another player locally or online.

The front of your profile can display the amount of badges you've earned, your Pokédex, the amount of Shiny Pokémon you have found, Sandwich recipes obtained and your play time. You can then flip the Profile to see some more details.

The back of the profile showcases when you started your game, current badge effects and the amount of money and LP currently had, as well as your current team.


Profile Picture

There is another feature to the Profile. You can remove the default picture of your profile and replace it with photos taken in-game. You can take a photo from a first person view, of say a location and your Pokémon, or you can take a Selfie. In the Selfie, you have the ability to emote and pick between 6 different emotes

Peace Roar What's This?
Peace Selfie Roar Selfie What's This? Selfie
Hello Oh Dear! Act Cool
Hello Selfie Oh Dear! Selfie Act Cool Selfie
Ssh Eureka! Poké Ball
Ssh Selfie Eureka! Selfie Poké Ball Selfie
From person in corner of Kitakami Hall From Caretaker From the Pokémon Center Lady in Kitakami

This can be done for both your Profile photo and the Profile Icon used for various online play.