Tera Raid Battles

Raid Battles make a return in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet in the form of Tera Raid Battles. Much like how Max Raid Battles used Dynamax in Sword & Shield, Tera Raid Battles are built around the Terastal Phenomenon.

Throughout Paldea, you will find sparkling pillars of light that come from various crystals across the region. If you go to these, you will start a Tera Raid Battle. These can be done alone or with friends. Tera Raid Battles will sometimes feature Pokémon with a differing type to their usual type

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Tera Raid Battles have a change in that they have a time limit and allow for you to continue attacking without waiting for the other players to choose their actions.

Players can also cheer instead of using moves. This can let them boost Attack stats, boost Defense stats or heal. You can use Cheers three times per Raid Battle.

After defeating the Pokémon, you will be able to catch it, as well as getting various items as rewards.

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