Union Circle

The Union Circle is a new multiplayer feature in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. Here, from any Pokémon Center or from the Poké Portal option of the menu, you can join or form a Union Circle. This allows for up to 4 players to adventure together. Players can all play their own story, all while other players are in their game

In the Union Circle, you'll be able to trade, battle and more with your friends, and you will share the same spawns as well. Items will not be shared between players. This is down to the IVs and even if it is Shiny, so if a Pokémon appears shiny for one player, it will for all. However, only one player can battle and catch each Pokémon

As each player catches Pokémon or achieves certain tasks, all players in the Union Circle will get a notification detailing it.

Version Exclusives in Union Circle

The one feature that will be highly used in the Union Circle is the Version Exclusives. When not around other players, the Pokémon that will spawn will always be that of your own game. However, if other players are in the Union Circle and are around you, they will have Pokémon spawn as well, meaning you can have exclusives spawn in other games, and even side by side, allowing for you to get other players their exclusives.