Breeding Mechanics

Day Care Centres

Breeding Pokémon has been a large part of Pokémon since Generation II and once again Pokémon Sword & Shield include it with some additions. First off, the breeding mechanics are the same as they were in Sun & Moon with the way moves, natures, abilities are passed onto the offspring (Click here for details), but the Day Care Centres no longer improve your Pokémon's experience but just focus upon the breeding of Pokémon

In this game there are two Day Care Centres: One in Route 5 and one in Bridge Field in the Wild Area so you can breed two pairs of Pokémon at once.

Route 5 Daycare

Passing Egg Moves

There is a new mechanic in Sword & Shield, however. In these games you don't just pass moves onto the baby Pokémon but can in fact pass them on to the other parent. If both Pokémon are of the exact same species (evolutions do not count) and are in the day care centre, and if one of the parents has an egg move, it can be passed. To do this, just put both Pokémon in the Day Care and make sure the Pokémon you desire to learn the move has got an empty move slot for each move you want to pass. After a short amount of time, the Pokémon will pass that egg move across to the other Pokémon

The Pokémon passing these egg moves can even be the same gender or genderless for the moves to pass.

Before Nursery
Male Rookiedee without Egg Move Female Rookiedee with Egg Move
After Nursery
Male Rookiedee with Egg Move Female Rookiedee with Egg Move
Egg Moves