Galarian Forms

As we approach the build up for the Generation 8 Pokémon games, Sword & Shield, various Pokémon have been revealed to have Regional Variants for the Galar Region the game. This page will be updated and moved accordingly as more information is brought


Type: Psychic-type
Classification: Unique Horn Pokémon
Height: 2'07"
Weight: 52.9lbs
Ability: Run Away / Pastel Veil

Known Moves

Galarian Form Ponyta was revealed within the Glimwood Tangle 24 hour livestream which ran on October 4th 2019. It was heavily teased throughout the stream before finally being shown.

Galarian Ponyta have been found in a certain forest of the Galar region since ancient times. It is said that they were exposed to the overflowing life energy of the forest over many generations, and this is why their appearance became unique in this region.
Galarian Ponyta can absorb the life energy of the surrounding atmosphere and store it in its mane. It seems that Ponyta’s mane will become more colorful, and even emit a sparkling glow, if there is a lot of energy around.

Galarian Form Ponyta Image


Type: Poison/Fairy-type
Classification: Poison Gas Pokémon
Height: 9'10"
Weight: 35.3lbs
Ability: Levitate / Neutralizing Gas

Known Moves
Sludge Bomb, Fairy Wind, Toxic, Explosion

Galarian Form Weezing was revealed on the information release on August 7th 2019.

Galarian Weezing consumes polluted air and poisonous gases for sustenance. The air and gases absorbed will have toxins removed before being spewed out again from the tops of Weezing's heads. Apparently the air produced through this purification process is very clean! The toxins accumulated within Weezing's body form into concentrated poison gas clouds that leak out and drift around it. This gas is so potent that even a whiff is enough to stun and immobilize an opponent. It is Weezing's best weapon during battles.

Galarian Form Weezing Artwork


Type: Dark/Normal-type
Classification: Tiny Racoon Pokémon
Height: 1'04"
Weight: 38.6lbs
Ability: Pick Up/Gluttony

Galarian Form Zigzagoon was revealed on the information release on August 7th 2019.

The Zigzagoon of the Galar region move about however they like and never settle down. They’re known to inhabit all areas of the region, including fields, forests, and even towns! There is some speculation that the zigzag movements of the Zigzagoon in other regions stem from the restless nature of Galarian Zigzagoon, which is considered to be the oldest branch of the species. Galarian Zigzagoon enjoy battles and will charge at people and other Pokémon in an attempt to provoke a fight. This behavior usually succeeds in starting a battle with other Pokémon, but humans tend to think Galarian Zigzagoon is just playing or showing affection. It seems to cause Galarian Zigzagoon some frustration when people don’t get angry even though it’s trying to provoke them.

Galarian Form Zigzagoon Artwork


Type: Dark/Normal-type
Classification: Rushing Pokémon
Height: 1'08"
Weight: 71.7lbs
Ability: Pick Up/Gluttony

Galarian Form Linoone was revealed on the information release on August 7th 2019.

Galarian Linoone can reach speeds of over 60 miles per hour and can deliver devastating Tackles and Headbutts. These attacks have enough destructive force to even knock a car away, but they can also throw Linoone off balance if they miss. Galarian Linoone are rash and fearless, and they will recklessly pick fights even with opponents stronger than themselves. Their fearlessness, as well as their tendency to attack opponents head on, make Galarian Linoone very popular among the disaffected youths of the Galar region, who have nowhere to direct their frustration and anger.

Galarian Form Linoone Artwork

Galarian Form Evolutions

A new feature are evolutions of Galarian Form Pokémon. These Pokémon only can be obtained by evolving the new Galarian Form of the Pokémon.


English Name: Sirfetch'd
Jp. Name: Negiganight

Type: Fighting-type
Classification: Wild Duck Pokémon
Height: 2'07"
Weight: 257.9lbs
Ability: Steadfast

Known Moves
Retaliate, Meteor Assault

On September 13th 2019, a new Pokémon was revealed as a glitch on the official sites with partial infomation. This was then revealed 5 days later on September 18th 2019 as Sirfetch'd, the evolved form of Farfetch'd
The Farfetch’d of the Galar region can evolve into Sirfetch’d after experiencing many battles. They are calm and collected, and they make a point of always battling fairly. They are so noble in battle that they are often chosen as a motif for paintings. Of particular note is a painting—famous in the Galar region—that depicts a duel between a Sirfetch’d and an Escavalier. In battle, Sirfetch’d uses the sharp stalk of its leek as a lance and the thick leaves as a shield. It maintains this leek over the span of many years and treasures it more than anything. When its leek finally withers, Sirfetch’d will leave the battlefield and retire from battling entirely.



English Name: Obstagoon
Jp. Name:

Type: Dark/Normal-type
Classification: Blocking Pokémon
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 101.4lbs
Ability: Reckless & Guts

Known Moves
Obstruct, Taunt, Night Slash, Double-Edge

Obstagoon was revealed in the Pokémon Sword & Shield news info release on August 7th and is the evolution of Galarian Form Linoone
The Linoone of the Galar region live in harsh conditions compared to those found in other regions, with fierce competition against others of their species. Their survival instincts have been honed as a result, leading to their Evolution into Obstagoon. Though Obstagoon is extremely combative, it seems that it doesn't often launch the first attack. It will taunt an opponent, goading it into attacking. When it does, Obstagoon will cross its arms and meet the oncoming attack with its Obstruct move.

Obstagoon Artwork