Dynamax is a new element within Pokémon Sword & Shield that has your Pokémon grow to giant proportions in battle.

Dynamax Features

Dynamax is a brand new feature activated in the menu when you're in certain areas such as Stadiums. To Dynamax, you need to get the special Dynamax Band item. When you do, you can Dynamax your Pokémon. This lasts only three turns and can be done once per battle.

Dynamax Image

Max Moves

When a Pokémon is Dynamaxed, their moves will turn into Max moves. These moves vary depending on the type of the move and the category. For example, status moves change in to Max Guard while damaging moves change into different moves based on their type with effects.

Max Moves Image


Gigantamax is a different variant of Dynamax. Certain Pokémon will have Gigantamax Forms, giant forms that have a different appearance. These are obtained if you find that specific Pokémon in Max Raid Battles. When they can Gigantamax, they also gain access to unique G-Max Moves which only that Pokémon can learn

Gigantamax Image

Max Raid Battles

Max Raid Battles are a new feature where you can play with other players in order to take down a Dynamaxed Wild Pokémon. These Pokémon don't revert after three turns and have some more unique powers. One player can Dynamax their Pokémon to even the score.

Max Raid Battles Image