Wild Area


The Wild Area is the big open area in the Galar Region. It's connected to multiple towns and cities and features a diverse range of locations and styles including torn apart areas, lakes, fields and more.

This area has full camera control and allows for you to explore unincumbered by restrictions in the areas.

Wild Area Image


You will encounter wild Pokémon on the field in the Wild Areas. However, the Pokémon you encounter will vary depending on your location in the Wild Area as well as the weather. If it's raining, for example, more Water-type Pokémon will appear

Pokémon typically react differently to you based on the species. Some will charge at you, others will run away. You can approach them slowly using the Control Stick or whistle to attract their attention.

We'll compile a full list of the Wild Area's Pokémon as the game approaches launch

Wild Area Image


Through the Wild Area is varying weather. This weather will activate the in-game effects of the weather such as Rain adding Rain, Snow adding Hail and Thunder Storms adding both Rain and Electric Terrain

Wild Area Image