Restricted Sparring

In the Isle of Armor, there's a new Battle feature called Restricted Sparring. Unlocked after you complete the trials with Mustard, the mode unlocks in the Master Dojo, and it provides a set of Single Battles, but with a twist: You can only use up to 3 Pokémon of a specific type.

The task is simple, complete 5 Battles with the team and you will have achieved the goal. However there are some restrictions. You can only use this 3 Pokémon and damage received and PP used carry over to the next match. You can heal, but you can only do that twice, and the battles get harder as you progress.

Once you beat the 5 battles, you get the completion note for that type, but you can continue battling until your Pokémon are finally defeated.

Restricted Sparring

Restricted Sparring - Trainers

When you get in, the trainers you face won't have the same restrictions as you and will start to include Pokémon designed to face off against Pokémon of the type of Restricted Sparring you are up against.

Click here for a full list of opposing Pokémon in Restricted Sparring

Restricted Sparring - Rank Prizes

Each time you win a battle in the Restricted Sparring, you'll earn a prize of 3BP and, if you reach 5 wins, you get 30BP. The first time you win each type, you also get 30 BP.

Should you manage to clear 5 battles in all 18 types, then you'll receive a special T-Shirt based on Mustard.