Team Yell

Team Yell are the antagonist team in Pokémon Sword & Shield and crop up at many points in the game. This page details their appearance outside of when they appear in the background for Marnie's battles

Encounter 1: Motostoke

Location: Motostoke

Your first encounter with Team Yell is in Motostoke. When you go to register for the Gym Challenge, you will be blocked by Team Yell. They insist they are there to help a special trainer win a Gym Challenge and challenge you to a battle. After you defeat them, Marnie comes and explains that they are Team Yell and follow her around, cheering for her.

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Encounter 2: Route 5

Location: Route 5

When you get to Route 5, you'll find Team Yell harassing a ma to give them the bike. They feel they can chase around Gym Challengers. Defeat them and they'll say you'll not see the last of them. They'll run off and you'll receive a Rotom Bike from the man

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Encounter 3: Galar Mine No. 2

Location: Galar Mine No. 2

When you get to Galar Mine No. 2, you'll encounter Team Yell. They're wanting to battle but when Hop appears they start being antagonistic so you end up having a multi battle against them. When you get further in, you'll see a couple more Team Yell Grunts deciding to block the way and end up having a fight with Kabu after he noticed they were harassing a Carkol which was in the middle of a Poké Job. Kabu helps take care of them and they leave the mine

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Encounter 4: Route 6

Location: Route 6

When you get to Route 6, you'll find a pair of Team Yell Grunts who are blocking people from getting through as there is a sleeping Silicobra. They let people through but when noticing you're a Gym Challenger they say you're too loud and they won't let you and Hop past. As such, you have to face them. Defeat them and they'll leave.

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Encounter 5: Route 7

Location: Route 7

When you get to Route 7, you'll find a pair of Team Yell Grunts blocking the way east to Route 9. You cannot remove them.

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Encounter 6: Route 9

Location: Route 9

When you get to Route 9, you'll find a pair of Team Yell Grunts blocking the way. They will claim they are cheering on various Drednaw and have to stop people going through and heading out on the water. One of the people they're blocking is the same man who gave you the Rotom Bike. Defeat these grunts and he'll improve your bike to work on water

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Encounter 7: Spikemuth

Location: Spikemuth

When you reach Spikemuth, you'll find that it's blocked. After Marnie helps you get into the city, you will find it is filled with Team Yell members. You learn that their leader, Piers, is the Gym Leader there and Team Yell blocked the city in order to prevent other challengers from getting through to battle him. You have to battle through various Team Yell members to complete the Gym Mission

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Encounter 8: Wyndon

Location: Wyndon

When you reach Wyndon, you'll find some Team Yell members by the gym who are thinking about who to cheer for. In addition to that, Team Yell will help you when Leon is in Rose Tower. They help you find the League Staff member with the key to Rose Tower and Piers will help create a distraction so that you and Hop can get through to the tower

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Encounter 9: Spikemuth

Location: Spikemuth

Afterwards, Team Yell can be found in Spikemuth permanently as they still live there. However, when there you will find one Team Yell Grunt who will offer to trade you a Kantonian Mr. Mime in exchange for an Obstagoon

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