Wild Spawn Increasing

While in the games there have always been ways to increase the spawns of wild Pokémon through abilities or items, there are a few additional ways to manipulate certain Pokémon appearing.

Method - Defeat Pokémon

One method to get increased spawns is to simply defeat a Pokémon. If you find a rare Pokémon, or simply any Pokémon you're looking for, then when you defeat it, there is a slightly higher chance of seeing it again, so if you find a 1% Pokémon and want more of it, then it will start appearing more

Rare Spawns

Method - Recommended Pokémon

Another is the Recommended Pokémon in the Pokédex. Here, you will see a certain few Pokémon in a specific area. For as long as they are listed as Recommended, they will have a boosted chance of being in the Wild.

The list will get refreshed if you catch them all or when the day changes to the next day.

Recommended Pokémon

Method - Abilities

A returning feature that allows you to alter Pokémon spawns is the use of Abilities. In previous games, certain abilities allowed for you to increase the chance of finding Pokémon of a specific type. This was seen with Static with Electric-type and Magnet Pull with Steel-types. However, Pokémon Sword & Shield have added to this with more abilities

Name Effect
Flash Fire Increases chance of encountering Fire-type Pokémon when lead in the party
Harvest Increases chance of encountering Grass-type Pokémon when lead in the party
Lightning Rod Increases chance of encountering Electric-type Pokémon when lead in the party
Storm Drain Increases chance of encountering Water-type Pokémon when lead in the party