Max Moves

Max Moves Description

Max Moves are a new element that are only capable of being used when a Pokémon is in Dynamax. When a Pokémon is Dynamaxed, it will gain special Max Moves based on the moves it has in its learnset, with specific types of moves getting a specific move while status moves also become a different one.

The damage of Max Moves varies depending on the base damage of the move it is based on, much like Z-Moves.

Max Moves Artwork

List of Max Moves

Name Type Cat PP Base Power Accuracy Effect
Max Airstream ?? (Varies) ?? -- Boosts the user's Speed
Max Darkness ?? (Varies) ?? -- Lowers the target's Special Defense stat
Max Flare ?? (Varies) ?? -- Activates harsh sunlight
Max Geyser ?? (Varies) ?? -- Activates rain
Max Guard (Varies) ?? -- The move enables the user to protect itself from all attacks. Its chance of failing rises if it is used in succession
Max Ice ?? (Varies) ?? -- Sets Hail
Max Knuckle ?? (Varies) ?? -- Raises Attack
Max Lightning ?? (Varies) ?? -- Activates Electric Terrain
Max Overgrowth ?? (Varies) ?? -- Activates Grassy Terrain
Max Rockfall ?? (Varies) ?? -- Activates a Sandstorm
Max Starfall ?? (Varies) ?? -- Activates Misty Terrain
Max Steelspike ?? (Varies) ?? -- Boosts the user's Defense
Max Strike ?? (Varies) ?? -- Lowers opponent's Speed stat.