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Dojo Upgrades

After completing the trials given by Mustard, his wife Honey will offer you the ability to upgrade the dojo. This will give you many different improvements to the Master Dojo and Isle of Armor in particular.

These improvements do, however, come at a cost. These improvements require you to spend Watts to get them. It costs over 3 million watts to get every item.

List of Dojo Upgrades

Dojo Upgrade 1Hair StylistThe first upgrade has you be able to visit a stylist. The stylist is available in the door between the main area of the dojo and the lounge. It offers all the styles that the stylists of Galar do5,000 Watts
Dojo Upgrade 2RotomiA Rotomi Terminal is introduced into the dojo but it is broken10,000 Watts
Dojo Upgrade 3Fixed RotomiThe Rotomi Terminal is fixed allowing for you to check boxes, run the Loto-ID and change your League Card20,000 Watts
Dojo Upgrade 4Vending MachineThis adds a Vending Machine into the dojo. It provides Fresh Water30,000 Watts
Dojo Upgrade 5Vending MachineThis upgrade adds Soda Pop to the Vending Machine40,000 Watts
Dojo Upgrade 6Vending MachineThis upgrade adds Lemonade to the Vending Machine50,000 Watts
Dojo Upgrade 7IngredientsWith this upgrade, you can now get the Fruit Bunch, Moomoo Cheese, Large Leek and Sausages Ingredients enmass100,000 Watts
Dojo Upgrade 8VitaminsA second Vending Machine is added that allows for Protein and Iron to be purchased. They normally cost 10,000 but can be bought in bulk for a discount:
5 - 40,000
10 - 70,000
25 - 125,000
200,000 Watts
Dojo Upgrade 9VitaminsAdds Calcium and Zinc to the Vending Machine300,000 Watts
Dojo Upgrade 10VitaminsAdds HP Up and Carbos to the Vending Machine400,000 Watts
Dojo Upgrade 11League Card BackgroundYou will receive a League Card background of the Dojo Kitchen500,000 Watts
Dojo Upgrade 12League CardWith this upgrade, you will get Honey's League Card800,000 Watts
Dojo Upgrade 13BattleWith this upgrade, Honey will ask for a battle. She will use the Gigantamax Kanto starter that you didn't pick1,000,000 Watts
Dojo Upgrade 14Rare League CardWith this final upgrade, Honey will take you for a walk and give you her final League Card3,280,000 Watts