Pokémon Camp

Pokémon Camp Features

Pokémon Camp is the spiritual successor to Pokémon Refresh and Pokémon Amie. Here, you can make camp anywhere in the game and play with your Pokémon. Unlike the previous games, you can have all six Pokémon out at once.

When they're out, they will interact with eachother or you can play with them using various bouncy balls and Poké Toys.

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In Galar, you'll be able to collect a myriad of different ingredients. These can be used in the creation of Curry, a dish well loved in Galar. By using the ingredients, you can make a curry, fan the flames and then test it. Based on the ingredients you use, your Pokémon will get various boosts. These include:

  • Friendship Increase
  • Healing
  • Boosting experience

There are over 100 Curry to create in the game and it's stored in the Curry Dex. We'll provide full details at launch

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Other Players

When in the Wild Area, you'll often find other player's Pokémon Camps. These will appear when you've connected to other players online or locally. There, you can join their camp with one of your Pokémon and play with the Pokémon there, as well as cook.

Other Players' Camp Image