Tucker (Jp. Name: Heath)

Hometown: ?, Kanto
First Appearence In Episode: Tactics Theatrics


Tucker is the leader of the Battle Dome. With the Dome being a public displayed event, Tucker decides to use it to put on a show to the viewers and dresses accordingly. In the Battle Dome, he has set that the battles are always Double Battles and the first person to lose a Pokémon loses the match. This requires a lot of strategy on both sides. Tucker is a compotent battler and utilises many strategies into his battles optimising his Pokémon's strengths to take on any challenger.


Tucker has worked up the ranks and competed to be a Frontier Brain and now runs the Frontier Facility; The Battle Dome. He gives the Tactics Symbol to trainers that defeat him.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Swampert was the Water Pokémon of Tucker's that he utilised in the battle against Ash. Swampert is an extraordinarily strong Pokémon with a massive range of powerful attacks at it's disposal including Water Pulse and Mud Shot. Using these attacks in co-ordination to Arcanine's attacks, it can put quite an offense and a defense up. However it was eventually defeated by Ash's Corphish & Swellow.

Obtained Prior to episode: Tactics Theatrics


Arcanine is the fire Pokémon of Tucker's that he used in the battle against Ash. Being a strong Pokémon, Arcanine has a vast range of powerful fire attacks including Fire Balst and normal attacks like Extemespeed. These attacks were used in unisen to Swampert's attacks to try and stop any challengers. However it was defeated by Ash's Corphish and Swellow.

Obtained Prior to episode: Tactics Theatrics

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