Tobias (Jp. Name: タクト Takuto)

Hometown: ?, Sinnoh
First Appearence In Episode: League Unleashed!


Tobias is a Pokémon Trainer from Sinnoh. During the Sinnoh League, Tobias was a mysterious trainer, not really making his appearance known. He is seemingly a strong trainer and has managed to easily get through all aspects of the Pokémon League with his Darkrai.


Tobias has challenged gyms in Sinnoh and has earned eight badges. He ends up winning the Sinnoh League

Pokémon Rotated on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Darkrai is the only Pokémon known of Tobias's team. It is as of yet unknown how Tobias got the legendary Pokémon, but he used Darkrai to get through all the gyms and each round of the Sinnoh League. Darkrai was previously undefeated, using its Dark Void and Ice Beam attacks to incapacitate and decimate its foes. Despite its strength, it ended up losing to Ash's Sceptile. Desptie this, Darkrai managed to win the league for Tobias.

Obtained prior to Episode: League Unleashed!


After Darkrai was defeated within the Sinnoh League, Tobias sent out his Latios. His Latios managed to easily take out Ash's Sceptile, and used its powerful moves such as Giga Impact to take out Swellow. Eventually, it fell in battle against Ash's Pikachu, but took out Pikachu at the same time, winning the battle for Tobias.

Obtained prior to Episode: The Semi-Final Frontier

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