Forrest (Jp. Name: Jiroh)

Hometown: Pewter City, Kanto
First Appearence In Episode: Showdown In Pewter City


Forrest is one of Brock's brothers who wishes to become a Rock-type Gym Leader, like his older brother. When his mother and father attempted to change the Gym style and make it a Water-type Gym, he felt his dream was now an impossibility. Thanks to his brother's advice and encouragement, he then begins to believe himself and is temporarily given his brother's Onix, Geodude and Crobat to help aid in his dream.

Forrest later helps Brock and Ash drive away Team Rocket from their Gym, showing his brother how much he's improved in skill and his love for the Gym.


He has successfully managed to get his old brother's Onix to evolve into a Steelix.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Evolving while under the control of his brother Forest, it remains loyal to Brock and follows its commands at will. It has gained strength after the evolution and remains to be an amazing Pokémon at the Peter Gym for Brock to call upon whenever he needs it.

Evolved from Onix prior to episode:: Grating Spaces


Evolving due to Brock's immense care and bond with it while in battle with Team Rocket, Crobat is a Pokémon that follows the orders of its trainer. With its four wings, it is a super fast flying Pokémon that has been known to help Brock out of jams on several occassions. When Brock left Pewter Gym for Hoenn, he left Crobat under the possession of his brother Forrest, however Crobat is overjoyed to see Brock whenever Brock returns to the gym.

Loaned to by his Brother Brock in Special: A Family That Battles Together, Stays Together!!
Evolved from Golbat in episode: Control Freak


How Brock obtained Geodude is unknown, however Geodude has always been a vital member of Brock's team, always being there for battle or for certain contests. Geodude is a faily fun loving Pokémon that is known to have fun with Pikachu and the other Pokémon on many occassions, however it was seldom seen. When Brock left for Hoenn, he also left Geodude in Forest's care.

Loaned to by his Brother Brock in Special: A Family That Battles Together, Stays Together!!


Forrest had this Rhyperior after Brock returned home from his Sinnoh adventures. He used it in battle with a Nurse Joy who visited Pewter Gym after complaints it wasn't run by a proper gym leader. As such, it was used against Nurse Joy's Latias. It has many powerful attacks including Rock Wrecker, Horn Drill, Dig and Megahorn which allowed it to make a significant stand against the legendary Pokémon

Obtained in Special: Pewter Gym - The Biggest Crisis Ever

Pokémon That He Used To Have

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Onix was Brock's first Pokémon. Given to him as a gift from his father Flint, Onix always was Brock's first choice of Pokémon to send into battle. Due to its size, Onix had a massive advantage in battle. Onix was always taken care of by Brock, who was sometimes seen polishing Onix. However when Brock left for Hoenn, he left Onix under the care of his brother Forest at Pewter Gym, where it eventually evolved into Steelix.

Loaned to by his Brother Brock in Special: A Family That Battles Together, Stays Together!!
Evolved into Steelix prior to episode:: Grating Spaces

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