Flint (Jp. Name: オーバ Oba)

Hometown: Sunyshore City, Sinnoh
First Appearence In Episode: Flint Sparks the Fire!


Flint is one of the Elite Four in Sinnoh. As a child, he started a rivalry and friendship with Volkner after Volkner came to his aid when he and his Chimchar were attacked by another trainer. Flint is a very caring trainer and after he left Sunyshore City, became one of the strongest trainers in Sinnoh. Unlike Volkner, Flint didn't become apathetic about Pokémon battles and in his battle against Ash, managed to help Volkner get his love for Pokémon back.


Flint has worked up the ranks and become a member of the Elite Four in Sinnoh.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Infernape is Flint's main Pokémon and is often seen outside of its PokéBall. After evolving from Monferno, Flint used his Infernape in various battles while becoming the strongest trainer. Flint used it in a battle against Ash where it managed to easily defeat Ash's Buizel, Infernape and eventually Pikachu with its powerful attacks such as Close Combat and Flare Blitz.

Obtained prior to Episode: Flint Sparks the Fire!

Pokémon Previously Owned

Pokémon Picture Details

Chimchar was Flint's choice Pokémon when he was a kid. He used it in many battles against Volkner as well as other adversaries that he encountered. Chimchar had many powerful fire attacks at its disposal and was able to easily defeat many enemies including Volkner's Pikachu.

Obtained prior to Episode: Flint Sparks the Fire!
Evolved into Monferno then Infernape prior to Episode: Flint Sparks the Fire!

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