Norman (Jp. Name: Senri)

Hometown: Petalburg City, Hoenn
First Appearence In Episode: There's No Place Like Hoenn


Norman is the Gym Leader in Petalburg City. Father to both May & Max, Norman insisted that May went on a Pokémon Journey to become a trainer. Norman is a loving person, caring deeply for his family and his Pokémon. He is also good friends with Professor Birch. Being the Petalburg Gym Leader, Norman has gained a good number of fans who are fully devoted to him.


Norman has worked up the ranks and become the Petalburg City Gym Leader.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Slaking is Norman's most powerful Pokémon. With a powerful Hyper Beam Attack and a load of brute strength behind it, it is often relied upon to win the toughest battles. However in Norman's battle against Ash, it was managed to be defeated by Ash's Grovyle after it got a powerboost through Overgrow.

Caught Prior To episode: Love, Petalburg Style


When Ash arrived in Petalburg City for the first time, Norman used Vigoroth in a training battle against Ash's Pikachu and won. However when Ash returned for a proper gym battle, Pikachu managed to hold its own against Vigoroth and defeated it just before it passed out through fatigue.

Caught Prior To episode: Theres No Place Like Hoenn


Slakoth is Norman's youngest Pokémon, however despite it's youth, Slakoth is a powerful battler with a strong Blizzard attack at it's disposal. Managing to temporarily incapacitate Pikachu in battle, Slakoth was easily defeated by Torkoal's fire attacks.

Caught Prior To episode: Love, Petalburg Style

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