Officer Jenny

Jenny (Jp. Name: Junsa)

Hometown: ?
First Appearence In Episode: Pokémon Emergency!


Officer Jenny is the name of a massive family of Police Officers spread across the world. Since there are so many of them and they are all identical, many people believe that they are the same person at first, until they are corrected. As Police Officers, they are law abiding and brave, always there to try and stop illegal activities, however sometimes they are unable to and Team Rocket are stopped by Ash & Co. While each Jenny does act and sound alike, there are subtle differences in uniform and badges. Brock is also fully capable of telling the difference between them through their subtle personality differences.

Officer Jenny has a counterpart within Unova that is completely different

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Growlithe is the primary Pokémon used by Jenny's around the world. With its quick searching abilities and powerful attacks, Growlithe has been able to stop many culprits in their tracks on many occassions.

Caught Prior To episode: Case Of The K-9 Capers


Used by the Jenny on Mandarin Island, Gastly was able to resist the attacks of Butch & Cassidy's Drowzee, that was brainwashing all the Pokémon on the island. With Gastly's ghost powers, Officer Jenny managed to use it successfully to find where Butch & Cassidy were hiding out.

Caught Prior To episode: Pikachu Re-Volts


In Cattalia City, All the police officers have a Spinarak to try and help them solve the crimes, coming from the story of an Old Officer Jenny using a Spinarak to stop the Black Arachnid. Spinarak came in handy to stop Team Rocket who were imitating the Black Arachnid with it's web attacks to trap them.

Caught Prior To episode: Spinarak Attack

Squirtle Squad

The Squirtle Squad, originally a team of Squirtles bent on causing mayhem, quickly became a good Fire Fighting team. Officer Jenny from Vermillion City decided to take in the Squirtle Squad and help them. However without Ash's Squirtle, the Squad was falling apart, prompting Ash's Squirtle to rejoin, and is currently under the care of Officer Jenny.

Obtained in episode: Here Comes the Squirtle Squad


In Johto, Ash & Co. came across a village where everyone had a Wobbuffet. Officer Jenny also had one to help her maintain the law in that village. However Wobbuffet isn't a battling Pokémon and was not used in battle, following the motto that Wobbuffets never attack first.

Caught Prior To episode: Wobbu-palooza


Officer Jenny's Jumpluff, located in a town in Johto, was used by the Jenny who called herself "The Great Police Detective". Jumpluff is a handy Pokémon of Jenny's and can use it's spores in order to dust for footprints and fingerprints. Incredibly handy in a Police Investigation.

Caught Prior To episode: An Egg-Sighting Adventure


In a town between Hoenn & Kanto, Officer Jenny uses a Pidgeot in order to do some far off scouting to look for Pokémon, in this case Ash's lost Pikachu, and managd to do so with great speed.

Caught Prior To episode: Hoenn Alone!


Parasect was one of the Grass Type Pokémon that Jenny used in battle to try and stop a mass swarm of Gulpin from ruining the town. Using its Stun Spore, it tried to stop the Gulpin in their place.

Caught Prior To episode: Gulpin It Down!


Tangela was another of the Grass Type Pokémon that Jenny used against the Gulpin. Using its Vine Whip, it tried to stop the Gulpin but with very little luck.

Caught Prior To episode: Gulpin It Down!


Meganium was the final of the Grass Type Pokémon used by Jenny to stop the Swarm of Gulpin. Using its Razor Leaf, it tried to hold them back, ultimately failing.

Caught Prior To episode: Gulpin It Down!


Stunky was a Pokémon used by the Officer Jenny stationed in Eterna City in Sinnoh. She uses it on her daily patrols and helps stop suspects using its Poison attacks which slow the suspects in their tracks.

Caught Prior To episode: The Secret Sphere of Influence


Chatot was a Pokémon used by an Officer Jenny from Kanto whom later appeared in Sinnoh. She uses it to help her fight crime with its attacks such as Wing Attack. It originally helped her capture a criminal and since then has become this Officer Jenny's partner.

Caught Prior To episode: Stealing The Conversation

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