Morrison (Jp. Name: Masamune)

Hometown: Verdanturf Town, Hoenn
First Appearence In Episode: Less Is Morrison!


Morrison is a Pokémon trainer, who met Ash while he was training for the Hoenn League. Morrison is a very kind guy, but is over endulgent in regards to food. When he met Ash, the two had a harsh Rivalry, each trying to outdo eachother in non-Pokémon elements but became good friends. However since they were good friends, when they battled in the League, Morrison was not putting his heart into it, however eventually after that encouragement of Ash, he put his heart into it and battled to his maximum potential.


Morrison has defeated at least 8 Gyms in Hoenn and came in the Top 16 in the Hoenn League in EverGrande City

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

After evolving from Beldum, Metang became a major powerhouse on Morrison's team, being used in most of his matches. Metang learned powerful Psychic attacks as soon as it evolved, making it a vital part of Morrison's team.

Evolved from Beldum in episode: Saved by the Beldum


Morrison's Gligar is a rather unlikely choice of Pokémon on Morrison's team. However Gligar is an incredibly strong Pokémon, capable of taking out a Pokémon several times itself. Due to this, Morrison and Gligar have an incredibly close bond, with Morrison hugging and crying when Gligar managed to win a battle alone for him.

Obtained Prior to episode: Saved by the Beldum


Growlithe is one of Morrison's trusty Pokémon, however it doesn't have much power and did not earn a single win in the Hoenn League. However despite this, Morrison & Growlithe are good friends and Obtained Prior to episode: Saved by the Beldum


Swampert, another of Morrison's seldom seen Pokémon, Swampert was really only seen in battle with Ash. However it did not last long in battle and fell pretty easily. However, Swampert does appear to have a close friendship with Morrison.

Obtained Prior to episode: Saved by the Beldum


Steelix is Morrison's main Tank and powerhouse. In the battle with Ash, it managed to take out 2 Pokémon before finally being knocked out. Morrison is proud of his Steelix.

Obtained Prior to episode: Saved by the Beldum


Girafarig was also a seldom seen Pokémon of Morrison's. However due to Morrison not putting his heart into battle, Girafarig quickly got defeated. It is unknown how strong Girafarig really is.

Obtained Prior to episode: Saved by the Beldum

He has had these Pokémon:

Pokémon Picture Details

Morrison had been training Beldum for quite a while, hoping to use it in the Hoenn League. However since its only attack was Take Down, this gave Beldum some problems. However Morrison & Beldum did have a bond and during the preliminary round at the Hoenn League, Beldum evolved into the powerhouse, Metang.

Obtained Prior to episode: Less Is Morrison
Evolved into Metang in episode: Saved by the Beldum

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