J (Jp. Name: Pokémon Hunter J)

Hometown: ?
First Appearence In Episode: Mutiny in the Bounty


J is a Pokémon Hunter who works in capturing Pokémon for specific clients with the help of her minions and Pokémon. J is a ruthless hunter and has very little conscience, telling her Pokémon to aim specifically at humans who are in her way. With many technical gadgets, she and her minions can easily hunt down Pokémon and get various places with great speed. With her bracelet, she has the ability of turning the Pokémon she hits into stone in order for her to get them without getting attacked by them. She eventually partnered with Team Galactic in capturing Azelf, Uxie & Mesprit, but got betrayed and ended up going down with her ship in Lake Verity. Whether she survived or not is a mystery.


J is an accomplished Pokémon Hunter, being able to capture many Pokémon that she has been told to capture. However, she has failed on several occassions thanks to Ash & Co.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Salamence is the first Pokémon of J's that is seen in the anime. As a flying dragon, it is used for J to fly on. However, it has many powerful attacks including Hyper Beam in order for J to remove obstacles and people in her path and to hold its own in battle

Obtained Prior to episode: Mutiny in the Bounty


J's Ariados is seldom seen, only really appearing in J's first appearance. However, from what is seen, it is used to slow down target Pokémon with its webbing

Obtained Prior to episode: Mutiny in the Bounty


Drapion is the Pokémon which is most associated with J. Drapion has many powerful attacks including Cross Poison. However, as well as being used in battle, J has made Drapion attack humans and try to crush Ash with its claws. Drapion is a very strong Pokémon and managed to resist attacks from Ash's Pokémon without even a scratch being left on it

Obtained Prior to episode: Mutiny in the Bounty

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