Iris (Jp. Name: Iris アイリス)

Hometown: Village of Dragons, Unova
First Appearence In Episode: In the Shadow of Zekrom


Iris is a strong trainer from Opelucid City and is travelling Unova. She first meets Ash soon after she sees a storm created by Zekrom on the horizon. She is a very playful girl and a bit wild as she has been seen swinging from vines and getting around by climbing on trees. Her dream is to become the Dragon Master and after she finished travelling with Ash, she went on to challenge the Unova region and eventually became the Champion of Unova

Pokémon on Team


Before it evolved, Axew was Iris' partner Pokémon, often seen outside of its Poké Ball. It was friendly but had one dream: to become a Haxorus. After much travel with iris, it eventually evolved into Haxorus and was used in her World Coronation Series battle against Ash. It has become an incredibly powerful Pokémon with moves such as Outrage, Dragon Pulse and Psycho Cut at its disposal.

Evolved prior to Episode: Thrash of the Titans!


Iris sent out her Excadrill when her Axew got captured by a wild Scolipede. Excadrill is an incredibly powerful Pokémon and has powerful moves such as Drill Run, Dig and Metal Claw which makes Excadrill a powerhouse of Iris' team. When it is sent out, it spins around, folding its arms and head together like a drill. It however does not always obey Iris and requires coaxing before it will battle its opponents. It turns out, it evolved from Drilbur during a battle tournement in Village of Dragons. However, after a loss to Drayden's Haxorus, it started to doubt its trainer and began its time of disobeying. After battling a Beartic, Excadrill soon learned to accept Iris for the trainer she is and started to obey after a night of training to use Focus Blast.

Obtained Prior to Episode: In The Bloom is on Axew


Iris met Emolga on the way to Nimbasa City. This Emolga is a rather devious Emolga who uses its looks and Attract move in order to trick people into giving it its own way, such as a bunch of Berries. Despite Bianca wanting to capture it, it decided to join Iris after growing a bond with Axew and Iris after being pursued by a flock of Swoobat. Emolga has many powerful attacks including Volt Switch, Discharge and Hidden Power.

Captured in Episode: Emolga the Irresistable!


Iris met Dragonite within Undella Town where it was accused of causing blackouts. Iris instantly grew a connection with Dragonite, managing to heal its injuries and help defend it against people who were blaming it for the blackout. It eventually chose to join Iris. Dragonite is an incredibly strong Pokémon with powerful moves like Thunderpunch, Ice Beam and Flamethrower. However, as seen in the World Tournament, it relies more on its instincts in battle, often ignoring what Iris says in order to win the battle

Captured in Episode: Iris & The Rogue Dragonite!


Iris encountered Gible when in the Johto region after it had been caught doing various bits of damage to a town in Johto, eating benches and digging holes due to being separated from its home. While the town wanted to catch it, Iris defended it and eventually befriended it after saving it from a fall on the town's clock. Iris returned it to its home, but it later found her again and joined her. Its battle strengths are not known

Captured in Episode: Iris VS Clair! The Road to Dragon Master!

Pokémon Previously Owned


Like Ash's Pikachu, it doesn't go in its PokéBall, and when needs to retreat, hides in Iris' hair, coming out to eat when necessary. It hasn't been used in battle much, but when it does, it is shown not to be totally strong and is likely to be a very young Pokémon but knows the move Fury Swipes. Despite this, it knows the move Dragon Rage which can cause massive destruction when needed. It was seen to dream of evolving all the way up to be an Haxorus. During the Don Battle Tournament, Axew was used against Golett where it learned the move "Outrage". It eventually evolved while Iris went on her journey to be the Dragon Master

Obtained Prior to Episode: In the Shadow of Zekrom


Iris met Drilbur while playing with some Pokémon in Opelucid City. After continually trying to befriend it, Drilbur got caught in some vines over a cliff and Iris saved him. It soon joined Iris and the two became an unstoppable team in a tournament in Opelucid City. It had attacks such as Fury Swipes, Mud Slap and Drill Run. It eventually evolved in battle with a Druddigon

Obtained in flashback in Episode: Iris and Excadrill Against The Dragon Buster
Evolved in flashback in Episode: Iris and Excadrill Against The Dragon Buster