Nando (Jp. Name: ナオシ Naoshi)

Hometown: ?, Sinnoh
First Appearence In Episode: Dawn of a New Era


Nando is a rather unique trainer in that he is battling in both contests and gyms with the hope of being in both the Pokémon League and the Grand Festivals in Sinnoh. He is a compotent trainer and also enjoys to play on his harp, which is shaped like a Mew. Due to his taking up of both vocations, he is a rival to both Ash & Dawn


Nando has obtained five ribbons in Sinnoh and gained entry to the Grand Festival. In addition to that, he has also obtained a number of Gym Badges. He eventually came in the Top 4 of the Sinnoh Grand Festival but lost to Ash in the first round of the Sinnoh League.

Pokémon Rotated on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Roserade was seen briefly during the Grand Festival in Sinnoh. Having evolved from Roselia, it was used in battle, teamed with Sunflora to assist Nando in getting to the Semi-Finals. It was later used during his Sinnoh League match against Ash. It has many powerful attacks at its disposal such as Magical Leaf and Solar Beam and also has the ability to slow its foes with moves such as Sweet Scent. However, it eventually fell in battle against Ash's Staraptor

Evolved from Roselia prior to episode: Coming Full Festival Circle!


Sunflora's first appearance had it as a suspect in a case where Team Rocket had stolen the Adamant Orb from a museum in Eterna City. Sunflora was used in contest battles and appears to have strong fighting skills, though the full extent of which is yet to be seen

Obtained prior to episode: A Secret Sphere of Influence


Little is known of Nando's Kricketune. He used it in his Hearthome Contest campaign in a Double Perfomance with his Sunflora and later in the Grand Festival teamed with Lopunny where it easily won with is fighting skills and use of attacks such as Sing, Swords Dance and X-Scissor

Obtained prior to episode: Dawn's Early Night


Nando also has a Kricketot. It is used during Nando's Grand Festival appeal process and has numerous attacks such as Sing at its disposal in order to help create dazzling appeals

Obtained prior to episode: Last Call, First Round!


Altaria was the other of Nando's Pokémon which he used during the appeal round of the Grand Festival. It has some dazzling attacks such as Sing which helped Nando progress through the Grand Festival through stunning appeals

Obtained prior to episode: Last Call, First Round!


Nando used Lopunny during his Grand Festival Semi-Final match against Zoey. It used many powerful attacks such as Kick and Sing in order to dazzle its foes, but eventually it lost by a small margin.

Obtained prior to episode: Coming Full Festival Circle!


Armaldo is the last of Nando's Pokémon seen. Nando used it in his Sinnoh League battle against Ash. Sent against Ash's Quilava, it used its attacks such as Rock Blast and X-Scissor to try and defeat its enemy. It also has the defensive move of Protect to try and defend itself from Quilava's attacks. It eventually fell in battle to Quilava.

Obtained prior to episode: Opening! Sinnoh League - Suzuran Tournament!!

Pokémon Previously Owned

Pokémon Picture Details

Roselia is Nando's signature Pokémon. It evolved when in the middle of a battle with Ash and immediately knew powerful attacks such as Solarbeam and as such is a vital member of Nando's team. It has partaken in numerous Pokémon Contests and gym battles. Its attacks included Solar Beam, Mega Drain, Petal Dance and Bullet Seet

Evolved from Budew in episode: Dawn of a New Era
Evolved into Roserade prior to episode: Coming Full Festival Circle!


Budew was the first of Nando's Pokémon that was seen when he made his first appearance to the group. It battled both Dawn's Piplup and Ash's Pikachu with great skill and powerful attacks such as Mega Drain until it evolved in battle with Pikachu into Roselia

Obtained prior to episode: Dawn of a New Era
Evolved into Roselia in episode: Dawn of a New Era

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