Danny (Jp. Name: Dan)

Hometown: Navel Island, Orange Archipelago
First Appearence In Episode: Navel Maneuvers


Danny is the Gym Leader on Navel Island. Through living on the island, Danny has grown an appreciation for many activities such as Sailing and Rock Climbing. Danny is a really polite person, whom Misty has a small crush on. Since on the Orange Islands, the gyms are not simply battling, Danny does things a little differently. First he instructs the trainers to physically climb the mountain. After that the trainers need to use their Pokémon to carve a Sledge out of a Frozen Geyser and finally to race down the mountain in the sledge. This essentially is a good output for Danny's many favourite activities.


Danny has worked up the ranks and become the Navel Island Gym Leader and a member of the Orange Crew.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Danny's Nidoqueen knows Ice Beam, with this Ice Beam, Nidoqueen was able to quickly freeze the ice coming out of the Geyser. Nidoqueen's strength was then used to help carve out the Sledge from the slab of ice.

Caught Prior To episode: Navel Maneuvers


Scyther has a couple of tasks in Danny's gym tasks. First it helps carve the ice into a sledge using it's scythes. Then in the race, using it's Scythes, it helps to steer the Sledge as it goes down the mountain.

Caught Prior To episode: Navel Maneuvers


Danny's Machoke was only seen briefly. Using it's strong physical attacks, it helped to carve the Sledge from the ice that Nidoqueen earlier froze. Nothing else was seen of it.

Caught Prior To episode: Navel Maneuvers


Geodude was one of Danny's Pokémon only seen during the race down the mountain. Using it's weight to help steer the craft, Geodude also has a powerful throw which helps defend against Team Rocket.

Caught Prior To episode: Navel Maneuvers


Electrode was also one of Danny's Pokémon that was only used in the race down the mountain. Using its weight to help steer, it also uses its Explosion to help ward off Team Rocket.

Caught Prior To episode: Navel Maneuvers

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