Yoshi/Jimmy (Jp. Name: Kenta)

Hometown: New Bark Town, Johto
First Appearence In Special: Legend of Thunder


Jimmy originally began his journey with his three friends, Marina and Vincent as they each obtained their starting Pokémon from Professor Elm. They each then took their own paths after they chose their starting Pokémon. Jimmy became determined and dedicated to winning every league with his team and made a promise to them that they would travel together and win. This is most likely sparked from his Cyndaquil's loss against a red-haired trainer and his Nidoking. Jimmy has a bit of a rivalry with Vincent as they both have a crush on Marina; however, Jimmy won't admit it out loud. Jimmy has shown that not only is he a great Pokémon trainer, but his bond between his Pokémon runs very deeply and they will all do whatever it takes to get things done.

In the English dub, he has two names. He is originally called Yoshi during the TV series in one episode and is then later renamed Jimmy for the Chronicles Special.


Jimmy has won several battles, even when it appears he is at a disadvantage. He came across a Raikou that was being attacked by Team Rocket and saved its life, as well as protect the Pokémon it was trying to protect. With the help of his friends, he managed to drive away Team Rocket and save Raikou.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Typhlosion is Jimmy's #1 Pokémon of choice for battle and the two share an incredible bond between eachother. Typhlosion may appear fierce, but can actually be very kind outside of battle. Typhlosion is an exceptional Pokémon and is even willing to risk its own life during a dire situation.

Evolved from Quilava prior to special: Legend of Thunder


Beedrill has been with Jimmy since it was a Weedle and would play often with Jimmy and Marina. Because of this, it's quite possible for Beedrill to have been one of Jimmy's first Pokémon since he and Marina had not seen eachother since they took their own paths. Jimmy relies on Beedrill's speed during battles and flight situations where it provides useful. Beedrill has a tame nature, so it's not prone to attacking anyone like ordinary Beedrill.

Evolved from Kakuna prior to special: Legend of Thunder

Pokémon That He Used To Have

Pokémon Picture Details

Not much is really known about Quilava's progress from Cyndaquil, though it does become the powerful Typhlosion and is tagging along with Jimmy to make their promises come true.

Evolved from Cyndaquil prior to special: Legend of Thunder
Evolved into Typhlosion prior to special: Legend of Thunder


Cyndaquil was Jimmy's starting Pokémon who he recieved from Professor Elm. After losing to a red-haired trainer's Nidoking, Cyndaquil and Jimmy worked hard on their progress and soon Cyndaquil became the strong Typhlosion it is now.

Recieved from Elm prior to special: Legend of Thunder
Evolved into Quilava prior to special: Legend of Thunder

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