Blaine (Jp. Name: Katsura)

Hometown: Cinnabar Island, Kanto
First Appearence In Episode: Riddle Me This


Blaine was the original Cinnabar Island Gym Leader. However when Cinnabar Island started filling up with tourists and not serious trainers, he closed down the Gym and started a hotel. However he still left a gym open inside the Volcano on the island in case any serious Pokémon Trainers come. After he shut down the gym, he decided to disguise himself with sunglasses and a wig and decided to give Riddles to any trainers who want to get to the gym. Any who managed to solve the Riddles can battle him for the Volcano Badge. Eventually Ash & Co. worked out the riddles and Ash battled him. Blaine is a kind old man, however he does despise what Cinnabar Island has turned into. He really enjoys interesting Pokémon Battles with strong trainers.


Blaine has worked up the ranks and become the Cinnabar City Gym Leader. He also runs a hotel on Cinnibar Island

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Ninetales was Blaine's first choice in his gym battle with Ash. Despite it's beautiful looks, Ninetales is an incredibly powerful Pokémon who's Flamethrower can easily defeat Water Pokémon with one hit.

Caught Prior To episode: Riddle Me This


After Ash chose Charizard in his battle, Blaine countered it by choosing Rhydon. With Charizard leaving the battle, Rhydon went up against Pikachu, a Pokémon who Blaine thought would not be able to take out Rhydon. Rhydon didn't get a chance to use any attacks so it's power is unknown, however it's Horn was used as a conductor of electricity that eventually caused it's defeat.

Caught Prior To episode: Riddle Me This


Magmar is Blaine's final Pokémon and his powerhouse. Magmar and Charizard ended up gaining a respect for eachother and wanted to test their strengths against one another. This was done in Ash's rematch with Blaine on top of the Volcano. However despite Magmar's powerful attacks including Fire Blast, Charizard managed to come out on top.

Caught Prior To episode: Riddle Me This

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