Kiawe (Jp. Name: Kaki カキ)

Hometown: Paniola Town, Alola
First Appearence In Episode: Alola to New Adventure!


Kiawe is one of Ash's school companions and the oldest. He has participated in a few trials and has earned himself a Z Ring. He's very calm and often acts as the voice of reason to the group. He works on his family's ranch and often helps deliver things around Alola on Charizard.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Kiawe's Turtonator is rarely seen but was used in battle against Team Skull. It's a very compotent fighter, and with Kiawe's instruction has the ability to use the Z-Move Inferno Overdrive. It also has the moves Shell Trap, Flamethrower and Dragon Tail at its disposal, having also learned Shell Smash to defeat Marowak

Obtained prior to Episode: Alola to New Adventure!

Kiawe's Charizard was a gift from his grandfather and is used by Kiawe to travel around the Alola Region. Due to this, it has yet to be seen in battle so its strengths are unknown.

Obtained prior to Episode: Alola to New Adventure!

Kiawe encountered Marowak after it had stolen the Wela Crown from a festival on Akala Island. Having chased Marowak down, Kiawe eventually captured the Marowak. Despite that, Marowak is a hothead, but is known to dance. It has powerful moves including Bonemerang at its disposal

Obtained prior to Episode: A Fire Battle! Marowak Shows Up!

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