James (Jp. Name: Kojiro)

Hometown: ?, Kanto
First Appearence In Episode: Pokémon Emergency!


James came from a wealthy family, with attendants that catered to his every need and whim. He attended Pokémon Tech, a school to learn about Pokémon. Eventually, James got fed up with this lifestyle and left home with only his companion, Growlie. Soon after that he joined the Bridge Bike Gang and later on decided that it would be best to join Team Rocket. Teamed up with Jessie & Meowth, James has always been there for Team Rocket. Although he is part of Team Rocket, he is a really kind person and really cares for his Pokémon and his friends.


James hasn't had many achievements, he has entered in several contests including the PokéRinger contest and the Pokémon Orienteering Contest that he won.

Pokémon on rotation


Morpeko followed Team Rocket back from Galar and took up residence in their hideout. Through the time, it kept eating all of Team Rocket's food and continued to cause issues for them. Eventually Team Rocket felt that it was enough and tried to release it to the wild but it kept returning. However, James started to bond with it and eventually felt bad and caught it. It has moves such as Aura Wheel at its disposal

Obtained by episode: Please Get Morpeko
Pokémon in Storage


Mareanie was first encountered in the wild where it attached itself to James after mistaking James for a Corsola but then bonded after realising James looked a bit like a Mareanie and eventually joined James to help him out in battle but has a habit of hugging James on the face, causing James to get poisoned. It has the moves Spike Cannon and Sludge Bomb at its disposal. Towards the end of the journey in Alola, Jessie & James were summoned home by Giovanni, they decided to leave it under the care of Bewear

Captured in episode: The Sun, the Scare, the Secret Lair!

Team Rocket first encountered Inkay when it started stealing their food in Lumiose City. After they left, it started following them and appeared on their balloon. Deciding to battle it, they soon find things tricky when Wobbuffet couldn't reflect its attacks. Instead, James lured it with food and thencaptured it. Its battling strengths remain unknown

Captured in episode: Froakie VS Fletchling! Air Maneuver Battle!!


After getting their orders to do their best for Team Rocket, a Yamask appears by Team Rocket. James is eager to own it and feeds it. Shortly after this, he captures the Yamask. Later, he started using it in battle. It has a powerful Shadow Ball attack that allows it to fight against its foes

Captured in episode: Battling For The Love of Bug-Types!


James got Amoonguss as he returned to the Unova region. Amoonguss is one of the more powerful Pokémon James has had, and managed to knock out Pikachu. It has the move Stun Spore which it uses to incapacitate its enemies and Hidden Power which it sends out in swarms to defeat foes

Captured prior to episode: Juniper's Laboratory! A New Journey!!


When James was young, he had a Carnivine with him at his mansion in Sinnoh. He & Carnivine used to play about with their friends. However James later finds Carnivine in a box with all of his bottle caps from Sinnoh. James & Carnivine because of their past share a close bond and like his previous flytrap Pokémon, Carnivine affectionately bites James on the head. Its battle prowess is still unclear.

Obtained Prior to Episode: Two Degrees of Seperation!

Mime Jr

Mime Jr. was an accidental capture by James. James' Pokéballs fell onto the ground and Mime Jr. decided to go into one and thus was caught. Mime Jr. is a cheerful Pokémon that took an instant liking to James, the owner of the vacation home that Mime Jr. inhabited, and sat with him while he was nursing Chimecho. Battle wise Mime Jr. doesn't have many offensive attacks, but it has some attacks that help to disable the though. Mime Jr. is also known to completely mimc James' mannerisms on many occassions.

Obtained In Episode: Sweet Baby James

Pokémon Previously Owned

Pokémon Picture Details

James met Cacnea in Hoenn. Noting that Cacnea was hungry, he gave it some cookies. Later on Cacnea met up with James again and thanked him for the cookies. James asked if it wanted to join him. Cacnea agreed. Cacnea was James' main battling Pokémon and has a variety of useful attacks, however usually they don't do much against Ash & Co. Cacnea is an affectionate Pokémon and always hugs James when it exits it's Pokéball demonstrating a close bond between James & Cacnea. He eventually gave Cacnea to Gardenia in order for her to train it and make it learn powerful attacks such as Drain Punch

Obtained In Episode: A Poached Ego!
Given to Gardenia in Episode: Once There Were Greenfields


James only had Aggron for a short amount of time. While at Pewter City, Delibird arrived with Pokéballs, one of which containing Aggron. James was ecstatic at the fact that he had this strong Pokémon and used it to try and attack Pewter Gym. However after this, Delibird returned and said it made a mistake so James had to give Aggron back.

Mistakingly given to by Delibird in Episode: Grating Spaces
Given back to Delibird in Episode: Grating Spaces


Ever since he was a child, James has wanted a Chimecho, and after falling for a scam by the Magikarp Salesman, James finally met with one. Ecstatic he asked Chimecho to join him, to which Chimecho agreed. On occassion, Chimecho playfully wrapped it's tail around James' face, blocking his sight. Chimecho isn't a battling Pokémon however and is very carefree. It does however use it's Heal Bell on occassion to heal Team Rocket's injuries.

Obtained In Episode: Who's Flying Now?
Left at his old Mansion In Episode: Sweet Baby James


Hoppip had an extremely brief tenure on James' team. He bought it from the Magikarp Salesman who disguised it as a Chimecho. James did quickly see that it wasn't a Chimecho and cleaned it up, only for it to fly off.

Bought from Magikarp Salesman in episode: Who's Flying Now?
Flew Away In Episode: Who's Flying Now?


Jessie & James fell for another of the Magikarp Salesman's tricks when he passed off this Magikarp as a Feebas. They traded Spoink's Pearl for it, hoping to one day have a beautiful Milotic. However when they put it in some water, the painyt on it started to run off revealing that it was a Magikarp. Jessie & James decided to release the Magikarp.

Traded for Spoink's Ball episode: Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend
Released In Episode: Pearls are a Spoink's Best Friend


After evolving, Weezing was James' primarily used Pokémon. He always sent it out in battle to create a SmokeScreen to get away or to have a full on battle with people. Weezing & James held a close bond due to the time that have spent together. However even though it was a Team Rocket Pokémon, it was a good natured and did care for other Pokémon, such as Koffing. When they got to Hoenn, James found a poacher that had kidnapped a group of Koffing. He managed to release the Koffing with Weezing's help and ordered Weezing to stay with the Koffing so it didn't happen again.

Evolved From Koffing in Episode: Dig Those Diglett
Leaves In Episode: A Poached Ego!


James only had this Victreebel for an extremely short time. Right after it evolved, it got ecstatic and hugged Jessie. Jessie not liking this booted it away. When it landed, it met up with James' old Victreebel. They fell in love and went into the forest together.

Evolved From Weepinbell In Episode: Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid!
Leaves In Episode: Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid!


After trading his old Victreebel for Weepinbell in order to use its Sweet Scent to get more Pokémon, James only had Weepinbell for a while. He soon realised that it's Sweet Scent was not as good as the Salesman let on. However when he used it in battle against Ash & Co. it evolved into another Victreebel.

Traded with Magikarp Salesman for Victreebel in Episode: Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid!
Evolves into Victreebel In Episode: Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid!


Having evolved in the Breeding Center, Victreebel became a staple Pokémon of James'. Coming out for battle on many occassions, Victreebel managed to hold its own on many occassions. Despite its exterior, Victreebel was a really kind hearted Pokémon that held a lot of affection for James, always hugging him as it was sent out to battle and even when it wasn't. James reluctantly traded Victreebel for a Weepinbell with the Magikarp Salesman, however it did not stay with the Salesman and met up with James' newly evolved Victreebel and fell in love.

Evolved From Weepinbell Prior To Episode: The Breeding Center Secret
Traded for Weepinbell with Magikarp Salesman in Episode: Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid!


Not much was seen of James' Weepinbell. It was caught in battle somewhere in Kanto, however James decided to place it in a Breeding Center where it evolved into Victreebel.

Obtained in Flashback in Episode: Here's Lookin' at You, Elekid!
Evolves into Victreebel Prior To Episode: The Breeding Center Secret


James' Growlithe, called Growlie, has been with James since he was a child. With the two being really close friends, Growlie is completely loyal to James. When James ran away from home, Growlie was left to stay behind. However, when James returned home, he and Growlie reunited and still share the same bond they had many years earlier. James decided that Growlie should probably stay at home to look after his parents.

Caught Prior to Episode: Holy Matrimony
Left at Parents House in Episode: Holy Matrimony


James originally received Koffing as a gift, and was used in battle by James all the time. Being rather loyal, it always followed James' orders, even though they sometimes countered how Koffing's personality was. Koffing evolved at James' request when he felt that Koffing wasn't strong enough to attack Ash & co.

Caught Prior to Episode: Pokémon Emergency
Evolved Into Weezing in Episode: Dig Those Diglett


James only had Gyarados for a brief period of time, having booted Magikarp off the raft, it evolved and angrily attacked it's old master causing him to be blown away in a Dragon Rage to an Island theme park.

Evolved From Magikarp In Episode: Pokémon Shipwreck
Left James In Episode: Pokémon Shipwreck


James bought Magikarp from a Salesman aboard the St. Anne. Buying into the Salesman's pitch, James thought it was an excellent Water Pokémon to have and even tried to use it to swim out of the St. Anne. However its use started to wane when Meowth found out that you cannot even eat a Magikarp. James booted it off the raft where it evolved into a Gyarados.

Bought In episode: The Battle Aboard the St. Anne
Evolved Into Gyarados In Episode: Pokémon Shipwreck