Whitney (Jp. Name: Akane)

Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto
First Appearence In Episode: A Goldenrod Opportunity


Whitney is the Goldenrod City Gym Leader. A Sweet and Caring person, Whitney is always there to help out anyone who needs it. However despite this kind and cutesy exterior, she is an extremely compotent battler. Always living and travelling around Goldenrod City, enjoying the Gallerias in town, Whitney also has family out in the rural environment. Her Uncle Milton owns a MooMoo Milk farm just outside of Goldenrod City where he raises a herd of Miltank for their Milk and sells it. This is where Ash's rematch with Whitney took place.


Whitney has worked up the ranks and become the Goldenrod City Gym Leader.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Miltank is Whitney's Powerhouse. With it's powerful Rollout attack, Miltank is unable to be hit by many of the attacks that any Pokemon throw at it. However the only way to defeat Miltank as found by Ash was to use it's Rollout to his advantage and stop it in it's tracks.

Caught Prior To episode: A Goldenrod Opportunity


Essentially Whitney's favourite Pokémon, Clefairy is always seen out with Whitney. However on occassion it has been known to run off rashly and get lost or injured. In battle, it is fairly formiddable, using it's Metronome attack, it can get many strong attacks for use...however it also gets the useless ones such as Splash.

Caught Prior To episode: A Goldenrod Opportunity


Whitney's Nidorina was only seen briefly in battle. After entry it attacked with a powerful Poison Sting attack, but inevitably got stopped by a single Flamethrower.

Caught Prior To episode: A Goldenrod Opportunity

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