Miette (Jp. Name: ミルフィ)

Hometown: ?? City, Kalos
First Appearence In Episode: A Battle by Any Other Name!


Miette is a profession PokéPuff chef who Serena met during a PokéPuff Contest. When there, Miette noticed Serena's crush on Ash and used it to distract her showing she has a devious side. She even mentioned that if Serena took too long, she'd steal Ash from her, and often teases Serena about her crush. She later showed up participating in a Pokémon Showcase but lost to Serena.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Slurpuff is Miette's partner Pokémon and first appeared where it ate all Serena's PokéPuffs, rating them mediocre. It has a great sense of smell allowing for it to find berries for use in PokéPuffs. Despite this, it has powerful attacks of Psychic and Energy Ball at its disposal allowing for it to hold its own in battle.

Obtained prior to episode: A Battle by Any Other Name!

Meowstic is a Pokémon that Miette used in a Showcase. It used its psychic powers to help Miette create various PokéPuffs in the showcase as well as with the performance.

Obtained prior to episode: Braixen and Pancham! An Entrancing Fire Performance!!
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