Mairin (Jp. Name: Manon マノン)

Hometown: ??, Kalos
First Appearence In Episode: Mega Evolution Special I


Mairin is a new trainer who has recently started on their journey. Mairin , while travelling, heard the battle between Alain's Charizard & Ayaka's Absol, and quickly investigated. Inspired and intrigued by the Mega Evolution, Mairin decided to follow Alain on his journey. Mairin is very enthusiastic about things, but often falls over and really cares about Alain.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Chespin is Mairin 's partner and is as enthusiastic as Mairin . Its true battle strengths aren't currently known, but it has the attacks Vine Whip, Pin Missile and Toxic. Chespin is always outside its PokéBall when with Mairin. It's a smart Pokémon and capable in battle. It's currently seriously injured and under the care of Professor Sycamore and Nurse Joy after an encounter with Zygarde Core

Obtained Prior to Episode: Mega Evolution Special I


Mairin spotted Flabébé floating away from a bed of flowers while travelling with Alain and quickly challenged it. It managed to face off against Chespin with moves such as Razor Leaf, but eventually fell when Chespin used Toxic, on Alain's suggestion based on typing. Mairin captured it straight after

Obtained Prior to Episode: Mega Evolution Special I

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