Alexa (Jp. Name: Pansy パンジー)

Hometown: Santalune City, Kalos
First Appearence In Episode: Journalist from Another Region


Alexa is a reporter from the Kalos region who is in the Decolora Islands in order to investigate various news stories. As such, she's always looking for the next scoop and has a camera on her head a lot of the time. She often forgets which pocket she uses to store her stuff with Gogoat. She meets up with Ash when covering a Pokémon sumo competition in the Decolora Islands. She is the sister to the Santalune City Gym Leader, Viola.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Helioptile is one of Alexa's core Pokémon and is seen on her person quite often. It's a very skittish and shy Pokémon, and often runs to Alexa when confronted with something new. It has various attacks including Parabolic Charge which it can use in battle, as well as helping to charge up Alexa's electronics.

Obtained prior to Episode: Journalist from Another Region


Gogoat is another of Alexa's commonly seen Pokémon and is often used to help transport Alexa's equipment as she travels. In addition to this, Alexa will occassionally be seen riding on her Gogoat. Despite this, Gogoat is a powerful Pokémon in battle, utilising moves such as Vine Whip and Horn Leech

Obtained prior to Episode: Journalist from Another Region


Noivern was sent out when Alexa, along with Ash & Co., was travelling through the ruins of a legendary hero. It has some powerful moves at its disposal including Sonicboom

Obtained prior to Episode: Celebrating the Hero's Comet!

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