Drew (Jp. Name: Shuu)

Hometown: LaRousse City, Hoenn
First Appearence In Episode: Now Thats Flower Power!


Drew, with his starter Roselia, is an avid fan of Pokémon Contests, however after suffering a defeat in his first contest, he endeavored to strive harder. Since then he has become a confident Co-Ordinator and is rather critical of those who were similar to how he was. When in Slateport City, he met May, a young co-ordiantor who was just starting out and has since been helping May out at contests, even though he is sometimes critical of her. Drew has ammassed a fair few supporters during his contest endeavors. Drew is continuing to strive to become the best co-ordinator, and even through his critical nature, Drew does care for his Pokémon and for other co-ordinators and his friends and has been known to get them out of binds and tricks set by Team Rocket and Harley.


Drew has won at least 10 different Pokémon Contests. In the Hoenn Grand Festival he came in second, after defeating May & being defeated by Robert. In the Kanto Grand Festival he came in the Top 8 after being defeated by May in the Quarter Finals.
Ribbon Festival Position
Hoenn Ribbon Hoenn Ribbon Rubello Town Ribbon Hoenn Ribbon Hoenn Ribbon Top 2
Kanto Ribbon ? ? ? ? Top 8

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Evolving from Roselia while in Johto, Roserade continues to be Drew's main Pokémon, always with him for contests. However, as it was seen in a flashback only, its moves and strengths are not currently known

Evolved from Roselia prior to episode: Restaurant Seven Stars! Tag Battle for a Full Course!!


Masquerain was introduced in Rubello Town, when the contests required 2 Pokémon. Masquerain is primarily an Attacking Pokémon with a variety of decent attacks that have helped Drew to win many Contests.

Obtained prior to episode: A Fan With A Plan


Drew caught Flygon just before the Hoenn Grand Festival, and as such is still learning its powers. However Flygon is a powerhouse that has only been used in the battle portion of Pokémon Contests. With Flygon, Drew has managed to defeat many of his foes and still is a vital member of Drew's team.

Obtained prior to episode: Rhapsody In Drew


Absol is a relatively new Pokémon of Drew's, that he caught and trained primarily for the Kanto Grand Festival. Not much is known about Absol, but it managed to make a dazzling appeal and is a powerhouse in battles.

Obtained prior to episode: May, We Harley Drew'd Ya


Butterfree is another seemingly new addition to Drew's team. However despite the fact that we have only just seen it. It appears to have been in serious training and has a plethora of powerful Psychic Attacks as well as Solar Beam at its disposal. Using these attacks, it managed to make quick work of May's Beautifly & Combusken. It is possible Drew got a Butterfree at some point after seeing his rival, Saori with one

Obtained prior to episode: The Unbeatable Lightness Of Seeing!

Pokémon Previously Owned

Pokémon Picture Details

Roselia was Drew's first Pokémon and has always been by his side through thick and thin. Roselia is capable of the best Appeals and Battle Strategies and is used in the majority of Drew's contests. Roselia is fairly larger than the usual Roselia and that helps it in battle giving it more power.

Caught Prior to episode: Now That's Flower Power!
Evolved into Roserade prior to episode: Restaurant Seven Stars! Tag Battle for a Full Course!!

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