Conway (Jp. Name: コウヘイ Kohei)

Hometown: ?, Sinnoh
First Appearence In Episode: Tag! We're It!


Conway is a Pokémon Trainer from Sinnoh. He first appeared during the Pokémon Tag Team tournament where he was partnered with Dawn. Conway is an incredibly intelligent trainer and often plans strategies ahead of time in order to make sure he has the upper hand in battle. He appears to have a crush on Dawn and often appears out of nowhere, startling Dawn in the process.


Conway has challenged gyms in Sinnoh and has earned eight badges. He ended up losing to Ash during the third round of the Sinnoh League

Pokémon Rotated on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Slowking was the first of Conway's Pokémon seen. He used it during the Tag Team tournament and when he was at the Pokémon Summer School. Slowking has numerous powerful attacks like Psychic & Water Pulse. However, it also has defensive moves such as Safeguard and Protect, which it used in battle to defend Dawn's Piplup in the double battle strategy..

Obtained prior to Episode: Tag! We're It!


Heracross was the other of Conway's Pokémon that he used during the Tag Team tournament. Conway used it in his battle against both Ash & Paul. It has powerful attacks like Mega Horn and Revenge. Both Ash & Paul decided to focus on attacking Heracross and it eventually fell to a Flamethrower from Ash's Chimchar.

Obtained prior to Episode: Smells Like Team Spirit!


Aggron was seen briefly in battle against a Tauros in the Tag Team tournament. None of its attacks have been declared but it has shown brute strength in taking out a Tauros in the Tag Tournament

Obtained prior to Episode: Smells Like Team Spirit!


Shuckle was the first Pokémon that Conway used during his Sinnoh Leage match against Ash. Using Withdraw, it managed to gain enough strength to knockback Ash's Noctowl. It then used Power Trick to be able to use its powerful attacks such as Sludge Bomb & Gyro Ball successfully. However, its Gyro Ball ended up failing against Ash's Gible and it fell in battle.

Obtained prior to Episode: Working on a Right Move!


Licklicky was the second of Conway's Pokémon used during the Sinnoh League. It has a massively powerful Lick attack which managed to severely damage Ash's Gible. However, when Ash switched to Noctowl, its lick didn't reach long enough so it started to use its powerful Thunderbolt attack. It eventually fell to Noctowl's Extrasensory move

Obtained prior to Episode: Working on a Right Move!


Dusknoir was Conway's final Pokémon used in battle against Ash. Having seen Ash's quick sweeping strategies, he used his Dusknoir to create a Trick Room to turn the tables on Ash and used Mean Look to prevent Ash switching. With the increased speed it managed to defeat Noctowl and Donphan before eventually falling against Ash's Gible. It has some powerful offensive attacks such as Thunderpunch and ShadowPunch to help it defeat its enemies

Obtained prior to Episode: Working on a Right Move!

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