Gardenia (Jp. Name: Natane)

Hometown: Eterna City, Sinnoh
First Appearence In Episode: The Grass Type Is Always Greener


Gardenia is the Gym Leader in Eterna City. She is a rather eccentric and energetic girl. Known to go off from the gym to the nearby forest, she truely adores nature and grass Pokémon. When she first met Ash, she did not reveal the fact that she was the gym leader of Eterna City


Gardenia has worked up the ranks and become the Eterna City Gym Leader.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Gardenia's Turtwig is a powerful Turtwig. It has some powerful attacks including a powerful Tackle and Leech Seed. It battled against Ash's Turtwig and Staravia in a practice battle and managed to easily defeat both. In the rematch, it managed to defeat Staravia but ended up losing to Ash's Turtwig

Obtained prior to Episode: The Grass Type Is Always Greener


Cherubi was the first Pokémon of Gardenia's that she sent into battle against Ash. However, Cherubi turned out to be fairly weak and fell easily to Turtwig's Tackle & Razor Leaf attacks. In his rematch, Cherubi managed to stand its own against Ash's Staravia with a powerful Solarbeam until it got defeated

Obtained prior to Episode: The Grass Type Is Always Greener


Roserade is the secret weapon of Gardenia's team. It has many powerful attacks including Weather Ball and Razor Leaf and manages to hold its own in battle easily. In Ash's Gym Battle with Gardenia, Roserade managed to make easy work of Ash's Turtwig before eventually submitting to the power of his Aipom

Obtained prior to Episode: A Grass Menagerie


When Gardenia first met James, she took an instant liking to Cacnea. Always hugging Cacnea in the manner Cacnea hugs James, Gardenia felt attached to it. After a while when Gardenia met up with James, she felt that james wasn't using Cacnea to its full potential. She offered to take it off him to train it to be a strong powerful Pokémon knowing attacks such as Drain Punch. James reluctantly agreed after a while and Cacnea joined Gardenia's team

Given to by James in Episode: Cacnea & Gardenia! Farewell is for Whom?

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