Cissy (Jp. Name: Atsumi)

Hometown: Mikan Island, Orange Archipelago
First Appearence In Episode: Fit To Be Tide


Cissy is the Gym Leader on Mikan Island. Living with her younger brother on the island, Cissy specialises in Water Pokémon. Her demeanor and attitude show that Cissy is a fair bit more arrogant than most people, and expects them to know what to do and not be explained. Being in the Orange Islands, her gym matches are a lot different than the normal Gym Leaders. Instead of battling, all trainers challenging her must defeat her in a Water Target Test and a Pokémon Wave Race.


Cissy has worked up the ranks and become the Mikan Island Gym Leader and a member of the Orange Crew.

Pokémon on Team

Pokémon Picture Details

Seadra is the Pokémon that Cissy uses in her Water Target Test. Using it's powerful but fine tuned Water Gun attack, Seadra was able to take out many of the targets quickly, matching with Squirtle for the most part.

Caught Prior To episode: Fit To Be Tide


Blastoise is Cissy's Pokémon that she uses in her Wave Race. Being a powerful water Pokémon, Cissy is able to stand on Blastoise's shell while it swims at triumphant speeds. Until Ash came up with an ingenius way of getting ahead, Blastoise was winning the race.

Caught Prior To episode: Fit To Be Tide

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